i should rewatch parenthood

msknope asked: top 5 favorite parenthood moments


  1. I’m just gonna say anytime the braverman’s dance is definitely a favorite moment
  2. when adam got unintentionally stoned
  3. idk a moment that really sticks in my mind is when alex says goodbye to kristina after he and haddie break up.  like it’s just always been a memorable scene to me.
  4. oh also stoned kristina braverman is pretty great as well
  5. like any scene with kristina in season four?????  or any scene with kristina ever??????  i love kristina braverman, i just found this cap in my filesthese people are literally me
  6. also amber helping out with max is another one
  7. also at the end of season one when sarah and amber are on that stoop and amber’s crying about being bullied and stuff that one sticks in my mind too
  8. it’s so hard to pinpoint scenes from parenthood everything on that show makes me emotional it’s all an emotional blur
  9. i love it so much
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Anonymous asked: stan or ginsberg

i hate to choose because i love them both dearly!!  they’re the gang!!!!  but probably stan.  he has come so far from season 4 and cares so deeply for peggy and respects her so much it makes me wanna cry.


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Anonymous asked: Teddy Chaough or Pete Cambell?

pete campbell by a hundred miles

ted is the worst

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joanpholloway asked: top 5 peggy moments ever AND top 5 joan moments ever

sorry this took so long!!!!!

top five peggy moments

  1. when she quit scdp like and walked outta that office with a smile on her face
  2. "i’m peggy olson and i want to smoke some marijuana" followed by her proving to be better than everyone and making that speech to her secretary
  3. image
  4. stabbing her boyfriend with a homemade bayonet
  5. takin money from roger 

ugh there are so many more but these are the first ones that came to mind i’m probably missing some really good ones.  like most of these are fun moments but there dramatic moments of hers that i really love

joan moments

  1. that whole speech about ‘remember you’re not dying for me because i never liked you’ is probably a high point of joan’s ability to deliver super sick burns
  2. her and peggy smoking and laughing at the garbage men in the office 
  3. "SURPRISE THERE’S AN AIRPLANE HERE TO SEE YOU" (and all her misdirected rage at that girl whose name i can’t remember right now)
  4. probs running to the rescue after the lawn mower incident and then ‘but that’s life, one minute your on top of the world, the next minute some secretary is running you over with a lawn mower’
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these aren’t really in any particular order buuuuut…

  1. BEACH BABE PETE CAMPBELL TBH imagesippin’ on some iced tea
  2. peggy using stan as an emotional shield.  ”BUCK UP, CHIEF” :((((((((( 

  4. ken cosgrove accounts/pirate gifting us with a good old depth perception jokeimage


  5. the last scenes of despair set to ‘you keep me hangin on’ were so gut wrenching i wanted to die but i loved it

honorable mention: the other montage of don and megan at the airport.  also joan just being her perfect self.

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elisabethmoss asked: megan draper or betty draper

oooooooh.  honestly, my heart is with betty.  i like megan a lot, though!  i just personally find betty to be a more compelling character and i miss her deeply.

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Anonymous asked: lou avery or duck phillips

this is such a depressing this or that. lol i’ll say duck because he appreciated peggy at some point which is the only thing that matters.

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ask me top fives or ‘this or that’s’????

i have watched this like a million times and i laugh every single time

this is so upsetting why do you do this elisabeth moss

How much more clarity do you need?!

the entire first page of my blog is mad men sans two posts about long island medium

i’m not doing great you guys