TIME’s 100 most influential people - Amy Adams

The cinematic chameleon 
Amy and I properly got to know each other in Albuquerque, N.M., while we were shooting Sunshine Cleaning. One night I was driving us home from a Mexican restaurant. I had just told her I was a great driver. Then, as we were leaving, I put the car in drive — rather than reverse — and drove us into a tree. It was a tap, not a cataclysmic crash. But to Amy, stuff like that is heaven. She just burst out laughing. That’s what I love most about Amy — she’s silly and funny and dirty. And she’s incredibly honest. She’s self-admittedly terrible at small talk and hiding her feelings, which I really admire in an industry full of gush. She’s also spooky-good at her job. There’s a certain mystique about Amy that helps the audience go with her on this chameleon of a career, from Enchanted to The Fighter to American Hustle. And I don’t think she’s discovered her full bag of tricks even yet. - Emily Blunt

My favorite 5 seconds of How Did This Get Made.

  • Scheer: Jon Hamm comes in, in the weirdest cameo of all time.
  • Peretti: Jon Hameo.
  • Mantzoukas: Boo. You can leave.

Jonah Ryan: Man of the People.

Anonymous asked: you look like elisabeth moss, like, i had to do a double take on that pic you posted of yourself a while back bc i thought it was her

ah man thanks that’s too nice!!!  too nice.  square jawed girls right????

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Idina Menzel is part of Variety’s Power of Women (x)

"This episode was all about how the tiniest, seemingly innocuous disturbances can throw off the orbit of a person’s life, sending him or her careening off and colliding into other people’s paths: a misplaced purse, a malfunctioning conference-call box, a love note removed from a vase of flowers. (And that’s what Mad Men is so, so good at: the inevitable yet somehow still surprising consequences of actions we don’t think matter at the time.) It seems Sally came crashing into Don’s ever-more-depressing little universe at just the right moment, offering him what might be the most unconditional love he’s ever known." —The Atlantic


Kathryn Hahn

- Because she is super funny and talented.

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goals for my spring look


Violet opening night curtain call

"sue casa is su casa, sir"

*uproarious laughter*